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Something Fishy (notes)

I noticed Doki did something similar for "Stop Watching Anime and Go Outside"
I thought I'd be awsum and do the same thing O: (not that anyone cares... I'ma link this in the org profile for it)

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YouTube Version Here
[My Official Upload!]


Some of my main ideas came early on while some took their time.... if its not mentioned, it didn't really have any significance. The general rule to this video is that if it made me laugh then it was going to stay in the video.

Bloo: I donno when this came to mind, but for some reason I wanted to stick him in here some how, for a long time I wasn't sure how I was going to open the video, and then I figured I would show what I heard... Bloo air guitar playing seemed appropriate :) but I wanted some really cool guitar scenes in the background. We had just gotten Black Heaven, and I've had Gravitation for a while, so I started off with those. I didn't want it to seem too serious so on the third round it to slowly get weird. I wanted to ease into it so I started off with a c-tar O.o, I believe Yuki is playing a bass in that scene (I could be wrong) and the Excel Saga shadow was the perfect thing to get it to turn weird right before chopsticks...

Chopsticks: I had seen someone beat sync this in an all FLCL video, and I liked it in that, so I wanted to put that in my video. But I decided to change it up a bit and put tuna stuff on the chalkboard, and just in time Bloo gives a weird face cause things are getting weirder. O.o It made me laugh the first time I watched it so it had to stay.

Cat Girl: She was there at first by accident. I dropped the footage on the time-line and thought hey she's kinda synced to that vocal line. O.o I liked it. O: Originally I had her there up until the guy kicks her at the end, but later I realized that the vocal line died off at one point, so I made her fade out too. Took me a while to figure out what was going to be behind her, and then it dawned on me, running and lots of it. So, I went on a search for running scenes. O.o the clips themselves used to be longer till I found more running scenes then they got shorter and shorter. Osaka playing the recorder... nothing says trumpets like a recorder. I completely mismatched several instruments already I thought this one should have been a given, plus made me laugh... Mamimi was thrown in there cause that scene totally says wtf and cracks me up :)

Marie: Use of Marie was mostly because I had ripped it for the Valentines MEP, and I figured if I had it I should use it, and I found several spots I think he fits somewhat comfortably in.
How To: Impress a Girl is the individual track for that MEP.

DearS: this has to be one of the cutest ever "commercial-break animations" ever!! O: And it was one of the first things I did. Took a long time too O.o it was one of those moments where I thought "I wonder if I can do that" and I was able to pull it off better than I thought I could.

Hamtaro: Originally I didn't have the footage for this, then I found Hamtaro really really cheap at a local game store, like $4 a DVD... and I thought "why not??"

Magical Play: The main character is a magical girl. Her animal familiar is a FISH it couldn't be helped. I HAD to use it O.O

Excel & Menchi: too perfect... her hyperness also worked in several other places. Excel is just too hungry and poor Menchi is her emergency food supply... XD

Negima - Fish Dance: This was another of those fish references I couldn't resist.

Ryoga: I had thought for a long time of what I was going to use for the line "Charlie" and I can't remember when that scene specifically popped into my head, but it worked too well I couldn't pass it up.

Suzumiya Dance: this was actually really early on, right when people really started to complain about the use of this sequence in AMVs... So I thought I would "ruin" it with tuna. XD Actually the "push the can forward" scene was the first part I did..

Bottle Fairy Sandwitch: If it weren't for DokiDoki I would have never thought of this scene O: I still haven't finished Bottle Fairy.

Kiki Kiki: Probably the worst most corniest lyric sync ever... I couldn't pass that up now could I? even had her wink at the end XD

Tuna Censor: I used this like 3 times? First time was the "no panties" Abenobashi scene, actually Jubby doesn't know it but she was the one who "inspired" that part. When she censored that scene for the Journal Junkies MEP its what got me to thinking about it. It was also used on the "Auska panty" shot, and the "girl/girl" host club kiss (though not quite the same thing as the other two)

Cats: I tried to use a lot of characters that were associated with cats: (forgive me for forgetting names) such as the cat girl at the beginning who is Komugi from Nurse Witch Komugi, the magical cat girl also from Nurse Witch Komugi, the Digi Charat Girls, Naota with the ears, Kyo from Fruits Basket, the girl with cats for clothes from Magical Play, cats from Cat Soup (even though they are barely there for a second), Azumanga Daioh dressed up cat, ect.. I figured it would go well with the fish theme since cats and fish seem to go together..

ZOMG Tunaburst: Once again a complaint that you can't make a Place Promised video without that scene, so, it needed to be tunafied! XD

Sakura : Probably my favorite anime. If I was going to "ruin" many of my friend's favorite characters I figured I should go with a few of my own favorites as well. :) I just wanted to find a way to work her in :) this was perfect. (Plus I got in an opinion that said something along the lines of "What did you do to Sakura!!!??" So WIN!)

Tuna Pigtails: Ihis just like the DearS scene, was one of those I wanted to try. When I did it, I actually cracked up and went on a beta rampage to show everyone. O.o

Exploding Tuna and Undawares: Originally didn't have tuna, then I got to a point in making the video where I had most of my editing done and I wanted to try to stick tuna in more places so it got tunas too. O:

Wrong Brand: I think when I was ripping the DVD actually this idea occurred to me, it was the second "story sequence" I made (Saikano being the first, and Full Metal Panic being the last) and considering the scene I thought it would make a giggle. Plus it gave me the option of photoshoping ANOTHER BRAND than Bumblebee! I thought it would be awesome to stick Starkist in there because thats the only brand they sell here.. Tohru reaching into the bag, just seemed like a good follow up :)

Never Eat a Woman's Tuna: I debated for a while if I wanted to include this line in there. O.o Mostly due to the connotation, but I figured it would be one of those things the adults laugh at, and that the kids would not get. The kids would find it funny that she was mad though. O.o This was the third and final "story sequence" I thought of.

Saikano: this part was actually edited early on. I was in the "I wanna tuna my friends favorite characters" mode - this is Scob's I suppose. I don't think Chise is his favorite character, but for a long time he was stuck on Saikano. I watched Saikano... and frankly it amuses me to see Chise get smacked in the face with a tuna can. O: (The girl annoyed me with all her whining and crying. It was a good story if she would only stop crying)

Fangirls (LOVE!): This just moved so right...

Honey biting Tamaki: It took me forever to find this scene... teh fishes in the background were perfect.

Sailor V: Josh's favorite sailor scout. XD

Just the Girls (Shuichi): I think only one person mentioned to me that they caught a boy in the "just the girls" bit. Of course though Shuichi is such a girl, so, he deserves to be in there! XD

Just the Girls (Teen Girl Squad): John, he gave me this idea, he reminded me that the "just the girls" part sounded just like them, so I thought it was perfect. As I mention below, I didn't realize until later that "Cheerleader" has "sell fish" on her shirt O.o that works out even more to my favor. O: But you cant have TGS without "SO GOOD!" so I had to add that in. XD

Goddess: when GeneStarwind2212212211212121221212111111112222 (I don't remember the numbers) said to me "OMG! what did you do to Belldandy!!" I knew I couldn't change it. O: This scene was also one of the early things I did. Goddess needed to be tunafied :)

Effects I used and "how" I did them

:00-:04 - dropped this image on to the time-line (though I have it in .png form for my videos)

:03-:16 Bloo - first I flipped the footage horizontally (as Bloo was originally on the right side of the clip) and I added what in Vegas is called Cookie Cutter

:13 flcl chopsticks scene... the "chalkboard" was an image I made in Photoshop. I used the .psd file though. Then I used Vegas's masking tool to cut out the board and the kids frame by frame.

:16-:26 Catgirl cookie cutter and I used crop to make it shorter on the top and the bottom.

:18-:22 (also shows up at 1:26 and 1:28)- text and arrow.
The arrow is a gif image. I used keyframing and HSL Ajust on it to make it change colors.
And the Vegas text generator** for the text..
I used drop in transitions for both of them
at :18 I used "3D Blinds" to transition in and :22 I used "slide" to transition out

**where ever there is text / subtitles (chalkboard aside) It was done with the Vegas text generator (including "I love tuna" on Kyo's chocolate heart)

:34-:37 Onegai Teacher on the beach with tuna cans - This is probably the most over used "effect" in this entire video.
I had the Tuna Cans as .gif images with a transparent background and I used overlays - and pan/crop to place them where I wanted... (it would have looked better if I used .psd files.)
I switched them out the different "colors" of Tuna depending on what color I wanted or which I thought would go best with the surroundings..
The one clip with the most overlays was Sailor V.
Moving cans - pan/crop and keyframes - infact any place you see a tuna can moving this is how I moved it..

:41 Mahoromatic - tuna pouch in her hand (This effect also shows up at :55, 2:12, 2:33, 3:08, 3:39)- Duplicated the anime clip and put it in a line above the tuna, and masked out just her hand so it would look like she was holding it.

:43 Love Hina pop star - Added a ridiculous lensflare to the Love Hina clip and panned the can over it (same thing in the later Love Hina clip 3:00 - except I used keyframes to make them both move.. )

:45 DearS Sammach Scene - this was probably one of the more complicated parts I had to do. First I photoshopped the sammach with tuna cans...
O.o Then I had to have 2 of them on the screen doing different things, and covering up melon bread, so I panned them into place one at a time. Then I had to mask out the pink girl cause shes supposed to be landing on top of the sammach. I ended up doing it like 3 times fixing little things each time.

:53 - thought bubbles (also shows up at 1:14, 1:38, 1:50) - This is an effect I originally used in How To: Impress a Girl the graphic was "created" for that project. But since I made "how to" while I was also in the middle of Something Fishy, I ended up sticking a lot of Marie into Something Fishy as a side effect. The thought bubble itself was created in photoshop with the help of the "shape tool" >.>

1:43 - Sparkle/tuna appears in a sparkle - This was only used twice (also at 3:15). The sparkle is a .gif image I found on google. >.> I used hsl adjust to change its color. It's actually orange (like in the Sailor V scene). I used it with sparkley scenes in hopes it would blend a bit more and not stand out too much.

2:26 - Wrong Brand This was just a photoshop that I panned in on. The screen cap is the actual photoshop that I made (even though I used the .psd file). I replaced a cup with tuna, and it's the only thing (subtitles aside) I changed in the whole sequence O.o

2:52-2:58 (most specifically 2:54... same effect also seen at 3:59 for a brief second) the eye accent - This was a solid color media generator I masked out to be that shape specifically. The sweat drop was done the same way as the thought bubbles...

3:23-3:34 Girls 4 different backgrounds were either wallpapers that I found or made and a media generator, with panned tuna and sammach moving about. The girls each had 3 frames and I put markers on the time-line to map out the lip-sync then filled in the gaps. Probably one of the parts that took the longest. All the masking was done in Photoshop. I "cheated" on at least one of them (the girl at the top of the scree-ncap had a whistle in her mouth - so I didn't lip-sync her) - This is also the only part I actively lip-synced (as in frame by frame)... Teen Girl Squad I thought it would be "wrong" to lip-sync them as they don't really move their mouths in the actual flash animation (also when i tried it looked like crap) So I figured I would go with the layout of the show and they would just open their mouth once. I also didn't realize that "Cheerleader" had "buy fish" on her shirt.. dress? until after I finished the video O.o XD

Responses to some of the more common feedbacks:

This section is based off of the Quick Comments, and Opinions I have received on AnimeMusicVideos.org, and maybe a few of the comments it has received on YouTube.com

To all the people who say they enjoyed the video:
I greatly appreciate that you found some enjoyment out of it. It is always nice to hear when people enjoy a video, and I'm glad some people have.

That brand sucks:
Yea, about that, I picked the brand based on the song, not the other way around. Had the song been about another brand of tuna, then I would have used that brand instead of this one. Also, "Yum Yum Starkist Tuna" doesn't quite roll off the tongue as easily as "Yum Yum Bumblebee Tuna". Really, I am not exactly about marketing this brand, I just like the song. I have a suspicion that most of the people who leave this kind of comment think that they are being clever in some way when in fact it's become kinda redundant. Not to mention I have EXPECTED these kinds of comments, so really I thought of them before you did.

What drugs were you on?:
I've gotten this one about three times, or some kind of reference that I was in fact on some kind of drugs. Yea, I don't do drugs. I don't even drink really.. Seriously though: Don't Do Drugs, Kids! they are bad for you, and you can have a perfectly warped mind without them as long as you have the right imagination.

I don't like tuna:
This usually is accompanied by a "but I like the video" and I appreciate that. The truth is I don't really like Tuna either (or any seafood for that matter, except on very, very rare occasions, and California Rolls - though imitation crab can hardly be called seafood) and once again I didn't choose the song based on a love for tuna, I chose the song based on love of this really fun/funny up beat song that really entertained me. The idea of adding tuna in to a lot of anime amuses me, but I don't really like to eat a lot of tuna. It's not exactly my "favorite food".

Still, I am glad that there are people out there that enjoy the video despite the fact they don't like tuna. :)

The video was too long or jokes should be short:
I'm glad I annoyed you. The original intention of making this video was that I wanted to annoy anyone who watched it. Amazingly for most people that backfired. O.o When I started this video I was expecting to make something that most people would hate and complain about. I was completely expecting tons of "wtfs" and "its too long" complaints.. The joke was meant to be bad and I wanted it to drag it out as long as possible. I'll tell you a secret, but you gotta get real close to your monitor: I actually cut part of the song 1 minute and 22 seconds to be exact! O: I know shocking isn't it? but all the refrains at the end was just a little too much, even for me XD.

Random Facts:

(I may add more later but this is what I have for now)

1. There are 119 containers of Bumblebee Brand Tuna in the video. This is counting the Sammach's as 2 each, and each shot separately. The count is 120 total containers of tuna if you add in the one Starkist Brand Tuna.

2. There are 8 Different "flavors" of tuna in the video.
a. Starkist Solid White Albacore Tuna
b. Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore in Water (gold can)
c. Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore in Water (light blue can)
d. Bumble Bee Chunk White Albacore Very Low Sodium in Water (cyan/white can)
e. Bumble Bee Premium Light Tuna in Water Pouch (green pouch)
f. Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in Water (green can)
g. Bumble Bee Solid Light Tuna - Tonno in Olive Oil (red/green can)
h. Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna in Vegetable Oil (red/white can)

I mainly was going for color than worrying about flavors.


I suppose if anyone has any more questions I can answer them here O.o
but I guess its unlikely anyone would really be interested in reading this.. so this post is for my own purposes O.o

This is the only screen-cap of the time-line I have. It was created before I finished the video so there are quite a few gaps in it. Also, I had to shrink down all of the lines in order to fit it all on the screen. When I edit, I don't have Vegas set up like this.
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