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The True Meaning of Love

If you want to link to my video, please just link to this post as it contains all the information on the video, and would be much easier on me. Thanks.

Main Info:
Title: The True Meaning of Love
Video: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Audio: James Blunt - You're Beautiful
Rating: PG? its a sappy sappy romance blah blah blah cheezyness....
File Type/Codecs: AVI / XVID

Download: Direct
INSTRUCTIONS: right click, "save target as"

Watch: Unavailable

1. DVD Decryptor
2. Virtual Dub Mod
3. Sony Vegas 6
4. AviSynth

General about the vid:
Pairings: Odo / Kira
Random Thoughts: Deep Space Nine was one of my first fandoms, I made this video more so for myself, than I did for show, if you want to see it then please feel free to enjoy the video, but this was made because I really am a fan of the series.

The first fanvideo I ever saw was a character profile on Kira Nerys to Whitney Houston - Queen of the Night... I cant say that this was in any way inspired by that video (as I've not seen it in 12 years or so) but at the same time making this has made me all nostalgic for the Star Trek Convention days where I used to show up in costume...

Odo is actually my favorite character and I truely believe if it werent for his continued presence on the show I'd have stopped watching it.. (Dax died and I continued watching it lol) This video is a tribute to his relationship with Kira Nerys, probably one of the best romances in all of Star Trek IMHO and I hope you enjoy it.

of course I still welcome all comments here :D Thanks!

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